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Track4Win is a professional Internet tracking tool to track web usage at home and business. With powerful network monitoring support, Track4Win enables you track internet usage not only on a single PC, but also on a corporate network (LAN and WAN). In addition to tracking internet usage, Track4Win is a superb product for tracking computer usage as well as moitoring web uage on each network computer. It tracks all software applications running in your computer and other workstations in a computer network, and log work time on each computer activity. Particularly, if you need a software program to track employee internet usage in your company network, Track4win can perfectly meet your needs.

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Track4Win, a superb and low cost internet monitoring software product for web usage tracking. It tracks Internet usage in network. Track4win is an inexpensive tool to track web usage and computer activities.

From this screenshot, you can know Track4Win can not only  for tracking all website addresses (urls), but also for monitoring each web page title and tracking the time spent on each webpage. So Track4win is a great software program for tracking internet usage.

Also. Track4win v2.0 or later version can  implement internet / computer usage monitoring by groups. And you also can just select a specific program (such as Internet Explorer, IE)  to monitor. Track4win is a great internet usage tracker. It is the best and cheapest program to track internet usage.

Internet usage monitoring software is your best choice to increase employee productivity.

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Track Internet Use and Computer Usage

Track4Win can monitor Internet usage and track computer use at workplace, school and home. As a computer usage monitoring and Internet tracking software program, Track4Win can not only monitor all computer activities, but also track time spent on each activity. It is designed for single PC as well as network. It can monitor computer usage of all workstations in a computer network where TCP/IP is installed, including LAN/WAN/Internet/Intranet. 

As a smart manager or supervisor, you may already know the importance of Internet usage tracking, but may not clearly understand how to track employee Internet usage. In addition to web usage tracking, managers should track computer usage at workplace to prevent any computer misuse. Are you seeking a software tool to monitor employee in your company? Track4win is the best employee monitoring software to monitor employees at office. Track4Win help you monitor each workstation in a computer network to track internet usage and other computer activities so that you can monitor employees no matter they work in local office or remote location . Choose Track4Win to track web use and computer usage at workplace. It is worthy to invest money on this software to monitor employee internet activity.

With its powerful multi-user network support  and real time monitoring features, Track4Win can monitor all computers and employees in your company at the same time. It is a useful tool to prevent internet abuse and improve employee productivity. In addition to computer usage tracking function, Track4Win's time tracking feature allows managers to  analyze computer usage rate in their organizations so that they can do well in IT resource management. As an application run time tracking program, Track4win is a great tool to track software usage in organizations

As parents, you must understand it is necessary to track Internet usage of your kids to make sure kid safety of Internet surfing. To protect your children, you must track internet use at home. Also, you need to track computer usage in order to know if your kids spend too much time on computer, say, playing a computer game. Track4Win is also a pretty good software for parental control by tracking Internet Usage on children's computer as well as tracking computer computer usage. Please use Track4win web usage tracker.

How to track internet usage ? What is the most popular and inexpensive employee computer monitoring software ? After visiting our site, you should knowTrack4Win can allow you use any PC to track web usage. It tracks web site address visited and web page title. It helps track employees internet usage at your company and track web use at home. It provides you with a low cost solution to track internet usage! Tracking web usage with our software does not require additional hardware. Track4Win lets you agree it is not difficult to track web use across LAN/WAN/Internet/Intranet  because of Track4Win's network monitoring feature. To monitor Internet usage, you need a low cost solution and powerful monitoring software tool. Track4Win is a superb software program to monitor web usage. It also can track program usage in your computer systems. Track 4 Win, track internet useage and activity for Windows applications.

Track4Win enables you to track employee web  usage and monitor computer activity in the following ways:

Internet usage tracking is becoming more and more routine in the world. No matter you need track internet usage at home or track web usage at business. You need to find a good software product to track internet use. But many Internet usage tracking solutions are expensive and require additional network hardware. Track4Win allows you to monitor network and track internet usage without additional router, switch and hub.  Track4win, a handy tool of web monitor, can effectively log internet activity and track internet history of the  browser.

You must realize internet abuse is becoming serious when the internet usage in growing around the world. You should be ready to track internet usage and monitor Internet access at home or work. Track4Win allows you: Track Web Use + Track Computer Usage 

Therefore, Track4win is an internet tracker tool that let you implement a reliable internet access control solution. 

As we know, empoyees usually try to do something else when using computer and Internet. Management should announce some measures that check and monitor emplyee internet history in order to prevent internet misuse, you may choose Track4Win, the best internet usage tracker software to track web usage in your work place.

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New! Track4win Enterprise edition released !

File Access Monitoring and Security: (New Feature)
  • Keep track of file related activities real time, including: create,copy,modify,delete,rename,move
  • Immediately identify the file access type, the file location, the action date and time, the user, and the workstation
  • File Security...Know which files were deleted/renamed/copied in your networked computers, find out who did it and when!

Please download Track4Win to track computer usage and monitor Internet use in network.

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The following article is from BBC News: 7 February, 2002. You will know how Internet usage is growing and why you need track internet usage.

More than half of America's households are connected to the internet, according to a Department of Commerce report.

The study, A Nation Online, which uses census data to track internet usage, found that 143 million Americans, or 54% of the population, were using the internet as of last September, up 33% on three years ago.

Two million people were going online for the first time every month, the report said. Among younger people, internet usage is even higher.

Nine out of 10 school-age children have access to computers either at home or at school, according to the 96-page report.

"Today's children are tomorrow's entrepreneurs and innovators," said Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans.

 US internet usage

 45% of Americans use e-mail

 36% search for product and service info

 39% make online purchases

 35% search for health information  

 (BBC News: 7 February, 2002)

"That internet usage is so prominent among them promises to bring vitality and growth to our economy."

Critics not satisfied

The figures were released as the Bush administration was criticised for intending to slash funds for programmes designed to narrow the "digital divide" - disparities in computer and internet use along racial and income lines.

According to the Department of Commerce, the growing availability of computers at work and school has helped make the internet available "across all demographic groups and geographic regions".

But critics are not convinced.

"They are right that the numbers have gotten better in some ways, but when you have 140 million people not connected to the internet, how do you ignore that?" Larry Irving, a former commerce official in Bill Clinton's administration, told the Associated Press.

Adults use the internet mainly for research, according to Susannah Fox, the director of research at the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

But more internet users are going online for daily errands like banking and shopping, Ms Fox told AP. 

After reading this article you know why you need Track4Win for web usage tacking and computer usage tracking. let's track internetusage with Track4win, a powerful internet usage monitor!


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